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Scholarships Switzerland – We are Switzerland’s scholarship service agency that was made for students from students. Our service is heavily needed since searching for Scholarships in Switzerland is a time consuming task. There exist more than 13000 charitable foundations that provide Scholarships, research grants, cultural exchange stipends etc. On top there are also numerous scholarship programs provided by the Swiss government. We help to find scholarships for students in Switzerland or students that are coming to Switzerland.

Scholarships Switzerland – How do I get a scholarship in Switzerland?

As a foreign student there are two ways to receive a scholarship in Switzerland. You can apply for scholarships from the Swiss government and/ or apply at the numerous private foundations that also support international students. To prevent you from having to go through thousands of foundations we maintain a register of all scholarship-opportunities for international students who want to study in Switzerland. You can purchase it here below – it will be delivered within a working day per email.

Is it relevant from which country you are from?

There are for most countries/ regions scholarships. So, no matter what country you are from, there exist opportunities. For some countries the number of potential scholarships is higher than for others, but in general it can be said that for most nationalities a Scholarship in Switzerland can be organised.

How does the procedure of applying look like?

For all international scholarships there is no other language required than English. So, your applications can be easily set up. So, after purchasing the register you can immediately start to create and submit the applications. The only challenge at some addresses might be that an application is required physically. But that number becomes smaller every year.

Switzerland is a multicultural country. We have 4 official languages plus English which is „semi-offical“. Here live many expats, researchers and international students from all over the globe. So all authorities and institutions are used to communicating in different languages.

Scholarship in Switzerland for International Students?

Many scholarships (definition of scholarship) in Switzerland have been designed for international students. They have mostly been founded by prominent foreigners who have built up a certain relationship to Switzerland. For example, there existed the foundation of Jana und Milan Jelinek – a formerly wealthy couple from the Czech Republic. They never forgot their Czech roots and gave out scholarships for Czech students coming to Switzerland. There is a huge number of such founations, since Switzerland is an attractive place to start a foundation.

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